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Eli Entertainment Launching Soon

Eli Entertainment's website is now active and its presence on social media to just being set up, all in preparation for the large company launch coming soon.

The new Eli Entertainment Website is made for those who need to work quickly or lounge around. Including former Insight properties, all people have quick access to products, music, and videos for endless amounts of work and play.

This website now includes a members only section. Eli Members can sign up for free in the right hand corner to interact on the blog with other members, get their own business some attention, or shine a spotlight on their dreams and talents. Posting a video, sharing a picture, promoting your dream, or writing a post is now easy with the Eli Members only blog. Eli Members also get early access to new music or videos, discounts at Design'd by Pros, and free access to locked Eli Entertainment Network videos. The best part about it all? It's FREE!

The Eli Entertainment Network is getting ready to launch new content on its YouTube channel, already taking over from The E Studios Network, including hits like Elijah or Omar Drumming It Off. Eli Entertainment Network is also looking for new collaborators who want to get their content posted and promoted on their own terms. They're looking for the generation of innovators and dreamers who want to go to the next level.

With all of this coming up soon, stay tuned to the next steps as the launch of Eli Entertainment is around the corner!

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